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UPVC Door Won't Open? Tips & Advice

📝 UPVC Door Won't Open? Tips & Advice | ✍️ Paul Murphy | 📅 April 19, 2021 | 💬 No Comments
Struggling to open your UPVC Door? Tried everything and it still will not open?

Keys 4 The City is a local locksmith and UPVC door repair company. This blog post will offer tips on how to diagnose the problem with your door, what to do if it won't open, and where you can get help.

How do you open a stuck uPVC door?

How can you fix a uPVC door with a broken mechanism? You need to loosen the screws on the door handle. If this is too tight, it may pinch and break your spring which prevents your mechanisms from working correctly. By loosening these screws, you may be able to open up that stubborn door!

How Do You Fix A Door Handle That Turns But Doesn’t Open?

The door knob turns but won't open? If that's the case, you'll need to remove both the handle and spindle. Place a flat-head screwdriver in the gap where you removed it from before turning it back and forth with force until your door opens!

Did You Know...

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, or uPVC for short, is a type of plastic that's tough and hasn't had any additives inserted during its manufacturing process. It has been the most popular choice among UK homeowners looking to install new doors due in large part to its low price tag.

How do you open a door when the mechanism is broken?

To open a door that is too tight, use the screwdriver to loosen the screws on the handle. If it's not loose enough by this point, you may need another tool to solve your problem. You may need to get in touch with a professional locksmith that will be able to help you out.

Can’t remove your key from your unlocked door?

If a key gets stuck in the lock, it is often because you need to lubricate it. The pins on the inside of your lock can get covered with dirt from everyday wear and tear that has gradually accumulated over time due to keys rubbing up against them. 

This typically happens when they're jammed into locks by people who don't know how or what's causing their problem.
UPVC Door Installation

How do you open a UPVC door when the lock is broken?

To fix this issue, simply loosen the screws that hold the handle to your door. If it works as intended, you should be able to open up your door and get access inside of or out of a building without any problems!

How do you fix a door knob that turns but won't open?

1. To fix the door knob, first unscrew and remove both sets of handles. 

2. Then take out any loose screws inside the gaps that run from top to bottom on either side of where you'll be inserting your new handle hardware once it's installed (that should provide a bit more grip). 

3. Next use a tool like an awl or flathead screwdriver inserted into one of those same gaps in order to push back against something with enough force and strength so as not only pull but also retract whatever is going wrong while still being able to see how far down this turns without letting go.

How much does it cost to change a lock on a uPVC door?

Replacing a lock for your uPVC door can cost between £35 and £150 depending on the type of cylinder you need. The labour is included in that price, but it might be worth checking if there's any other work which needs to be done too while they're here. 

Need Professional Help?

We hope that this has given you the guidance you need to try and resolve your door issues. You should always try and reach out to a professional if you are not too sure.

If you reach out to one of our specialist locksmiths, we will be able to provide you with the best advice on how to deal with your uPVC door issue. You may find that you need specialist tools to help deal with your door.

Our locksmiths at Keys 4 The City will be able to diagnose and resolve any issues with your door when they arrive.
Paul Murphy
My name is Paul Murphy and I am the owner of Keys 4 The City Locksmiths. We operate around the Midlands, providing our customers with the best locksmith services.

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