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3 Star Anti Snap Lock Replacements

Do not leave your home security to chance... Upgrade your home to 3 Star Anti-Snap locks and ensure peace of mind.

3 Star Anti Snap Lock Replacements

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This video shows just how easy it is break locks that haven’t had our 3 Star Upgrade. Burglaries are becoming a bigger problem and as the video shows, it is extremely easy for them to break in with the right equipment. Get in touch with Keys 4 The City today and see how we can help secure your home. 

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Industry Approved 3 Star Euro Cylinders

The diagram indicates in particular how important it is to have a quality 3 Star Euro Cylinder locking system in place to help secure your property. It has a number of components that makes it extremely difficult and in fact, near enough impossible to breach. 

The anti-snap name comes from just that. It is designed to not snap. The component that allows this to happen sacrifices a small part of the cylinder but ensures that the remainder of the cylinder remains secure. These locks should be in every home but are not. Security is the first step to preventing a burglary and our 3 Star Locks here at Keys 4 The City mean that you can take this important step and help to ensure your property remains safe. 

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Advantages of 3 Star Locking Systems 

  • Anti Bump
  • Anti Drill
  • Anti Snap
  • Anti Pick
  • Anti Plug Extract

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